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Percolation Test

We are qualified to carry out percolation tests. Some local authorities carry out these tests themselves. These are usually carried out in order to check the suitability of the lands, so the effluent from your proposed dwelling does not pollute the surrounding countryside.

In the percolation area, the soil and subsoil are used to treat and dispose of effluent arising from septic tanks, in an environmentally safe manner. Trial hole tests and the derived T value indicate as to whether the subsoil percolation rate is high enough to allow the effluent to pass through without ponding but low enough to enable purification.

Septic tank / percolation areas should be located within the site and constructed in accordance with the provisions of S.R. 6 (1991) published by Eolas. Percolation test holes and the water table test hole must be prepared in the proposed percolation areas, not elsewhere on the site.

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